Why I Run


A few weeks ago I received an email from Nathan Larson, a memeber of the CHaD (Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth) community relations team. He had found my blog, read Jack’s story and saw that I was the top fundraiser for the CHaD Hero Half Marathon [Thanks to all of YOUR support!]. He asked if I’d be willing to appear in a short promotional video for the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. The spot would be part of a larger series that will feature runners talking about why they run for CHaD, an effort to capture the heart and soul of what inspires over 3,500 people to lace up their shoes on race day.

I didn’t hesitate. Yes! Of course. The more time we spend at CHaD the more passionate I become about making the biggest impact I possibly can. The video seemed an extension of the fundraising I’m already doing.

The next week we found ourselves unexpectedly back at CHaD: Jack’s incision, though 5 weeks post-op had become suddenly infected and we were rushed from our local ER to CHaD at 3:30am Sunday morning. The next day, my husband and I were sitting outside Jack’s room while he slept talking, trying to occupy our sleep-starved and stressed minds with conversation. A small group of people quietly came onto the pediatric floor. Clearly not doctors or a family, one man carried a camera and the other a microphone. They were followed by a mom and her two kids and two others, one of whom I recognized: it was Nathan Larson. I introduced myself and then met Sharon Brown, the Director of CHaD Community Relations. They were there filming a CHaD familiy telling their story.

Though the circumstances of our meeting weren’t ideal, it was great to put faces with the names of the organizers of the CHaD Hero Half Marathon. We also had a chance to talk about the video they wanted to film with our family. A week later we were back up at CHaD for Jack’s follow up appointment and had the chance to squeeze in the video shoot before hand. We headed towards the incredibly scenic Hanover Country Club and did much of our shooting on the walking path behind the golf course.


Little punk.


Running the woods. How perfect.


Hair and make-up:)


Running with my girl. She’s also my teammate on Team Canney. Thanks to a matching grant our funds will be doubled!


Telling the story….over and over and over again:)


Telling the story.

I couldn’t possibly squeeze all the reasons why I run into the 30 second spot. Yes, I am running for Jack. I’m running to show him that he can conquer difficult things. That you can set a goal of raising $5000 or running a 10 minute PR, and with hard work actually DO IT. But beyond that, and possibly the real reason why I am running is for the families out there who don’t even know that one day they will need CHaD. For the families who’s children have yet to be born. I’m really running for them. Before Jack was born we didn’t know what CHaD was, didn’t even dream we would ever need the services they offer. But we did. We have needed the skill of the surgeons, we’ve needed the discernment of the pediatricians, we’ve needed the care of the RN’s and LNA’s, we’ve needed the help of the Child Life coordinator who found Jack a pair of shorts to wear home the day we left because when we arrived in the ambulance all he was wearing was a pajama shirt and a diaper. And the wagons, we’ve needed the wagons. It has all been there for US, when we needed it and I am so incredibly grateful. I’m running so that it can all be there for OTHERS.

CHaD is a special place: a non-profit hospital that serves any child that comes to it, no matter the parents ability to pay. Which is why their fundraising events like the CHaD Half Marathon are so important. It’s why the $5000 that I’m raising is so critical: it funds the care. Without the funds there are no surgeons, no pediatricians, no nurses, no wagons.


Jack. The inspiration behind my running, along with all the other families and children who have yet to receive care from CHaD.

The great news is that if I raise $5000 it won’t just be $5000, it will be twice that much. Since forming Team Canney with my three-year old daughter Sophia, who will run the fun run (Cam’s Course) we have become eligible for a matching grant from Positive Tracks: they will double everything we raise! So $5000 becomes $10,000. Your $15 donation becomes $30!

If you haven’t donated already, please consider donating to CHaD. Consider helping the families who doesn’t even know yet that they need the help.

You can donate HERE.

Thank you. With all my heart. Thank you.

And now a little glimpse at Why I Run:

You can also view the video at CHaDHalf.org.



18 thoughts on “Why I Run

  1. I am IN LOVE with your video! What an amazing opportunity. You are such an inspiration and I am truly honored that I know you (well, will soon actually really know you!). You guys have been through so much and you are such a great role model for your family and so many other families. You and your daughter running together just melts me. So proud of all you are accomplishing and have yet to accomplish. Keep up the awesome! xo

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  3. Hi Sarah, I had followed your story a little bit through twitter and was always hoping for the best for Jack – but I hadn’t caught up on all of the posts until this past weekend. You know when you want uninterrupted time to read something? That’s why I waited to read all three posts (i’m a mom of two, roughly the same ages as Sophia and Jack). Anyway, I was so touched by your story and everything you all went through and I am so happy that Jack is doing well. It is amazing that you are doing this for CHaD and I really really hope you meet your goal. Your kids have one strong mama and you are setting such a good example for them! Congrats on everything you have done so far. This video is really great 🙂

  4. Finally had a chance to read this post. What a wonderful video! You are doing such great things for an organization that truly helped you and your family. Congratulations on your progress so far, and I hope you are able to meet you goals. You are such an inspiration!

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